Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blueberry Muffins...

Good Morning Friends...

Woke up earlier than normal and put on the coffee. 
I decided I'd better use the blueberries
I had gotten on Sunday.  Muffins were baked. 
Lou was surprised.
we usually fend for ourselves
for breakfast on weekdays.

Don't get use to it Dear...


  1. I can just smell your yummy muffins!...You and I are were thinking along the same lines! xo

  2. They look really good! This IS the time to take advantage of the fresh blueberries!

  3. That is an AWESOME way to start the day!

  4. I don't remember the last time I baked...or even had blueberry muffins.
    Gotta change that soon. Mmmmm.