Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fathers and Grandfathers

My husband and I were each blessed to have wonderful Fathers.

Lou's Dad was a dear man who loved his children and
adored his wife and always called her Babe.
He could do carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.  He worked on his own cars. 
Lou is so much like him...he can build or fix anything.
  When the 6 grandchildren came along, he taught them how to crab and fish and they helped him (not that he really wanted/needed their help) build a train garden in the basement.
Lou's Mom was Greek and he was Pappou to the grandkids.

My Dad  was a funny, warm loving husband and father.  He stole my Mother's heart when she was only 17 and they loved each other for the next 47 years.  He taught my brother, sister and me how to ride a bike and later how to drive a car.  He had a vegetable garden every summer and when we were small, would put us in an old wooden wheelbarrow and run us around the yard.  He was the "fun" Dad and all the kids in the neighborhood
came to our house to play dodge ball with my Dad. 
He always would say, "You know what?" and I would answer,"What?" 
He would say, "I love you!"
He continued that tradition with my daughters..."I love you!"
My parents moved to the beach and the girls spent time in the summertime with them. 
Pop Pop and the girls would ride bikes together,
jump the waves and dig for sand crabs.
They too have good memories.

I think every day how fortunate Lou and I were to have these 2 men for Fathers.  Our children were so blessed to have these men for their Grandfathers.  We miss them every day.  I believe they are both looking down from heaven keeping watch over their children,
grandchildren and now their great grandchildren.



  1. What a sweet post! Seems you both were very fortunate!

  2. Pat, What a beautiful tribute to your fathers. I would have loved knowing them. My father images are rough...but I never stopped loving my father or step dad. enjoy this day. xoxo,Susie

  3. What a wonderful post. Thanks for finding me and signing up as a follower. I will be around visiting you now. I am off on vacation this morning but hope to blog a bit from the road. What a wonderful tribute to the Dads in your family- xo Diana