Thursday, June 13, 2013

And it's over...

The first of a line of storms quickly passed through Carney this morning.  Some rain, some thunder and lightning and wind but it was gone in 10 minutes.  Not as severe as was predicted thank goodness.  We've been watching the weather for the past 24 hours, following the storms that were in the middle of the country and heading our way.  Hoping the storm the weather people are warning us about this afternoon will go through as quickly.
If you are in the path...stay safe.


  1. Hmm, we did not have the same storm, but one just went through, short duration too. It's very pretty out there now. How odd.

  2. Love this blog! I see we have some things in common. Lucy looks a little like Gracie (on one of Gracie's more cocker-kind-of-days) and I love seeing the pictures of your grands. I love a good yard sale find...