Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where did all the Springtime go???

Smile...It's a beautiful morning. Cold but beautiful. We had frost warnings in Maryland last night. Our frost date is May 10th. Here in Carney it went down to 39 degrees but in Western Maryland it was below freezing. I planted annuals in my pots last week and it appears that only the sweet potato vines were affected by the cold night. They are a little droopy but should perk up when the sun hits them. One bright side to this chilly weather is that the ground needs to warm to 64 degrees before the cicadas start crawling out of the ground. I'm off to the shop...Wishing you a wonderful day!



  1. Frosty here! Had to turn the furnace back on!

  2. It was really chilly here on Long Island too, but thankfully nothing in the garden pooped out... I spent a summer in Maryland when I was a kid. My dad worked at Goddard Space Center. I remember how pretty and hilly it was. :)...That little guy is just too adorable!