Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nichols and Stone Child's Rocker


This is the rocking chair my Grandmother gave me when I was a child. I loved sitting in it looking at books or watching Captain Kangaroo.  The chair stayed at my parents home until they retired to Ocean Pines,  when it made its way to my house.  When Holly came along the chair became her place to sit and read books and watch Sesame Street.  When she grew out of the chair it made its way to the attic.  I was excited to bring it back into the house for Dylan.  When he's here, he sits in it and looks at books and watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 3 Generations of Little Rockers in this chair.


 We have had some conflict recently...Our little Riah also likes sitting in the chair and two little butts just will not fit into that seat at the same time. 

The chair was made by Nichols and Stone,
the oldest furniture-building company in the United States.

 Last weekend we drove by a little antique store on our way to get lunch.  I said to Lou, "We need to turn around.  I think I saw a child's rocking chair like the one my Grandmother gave me sitting in front of that little shop."   We went back and look what we found...
a chair for Riah. 

The owner of the shop thought the chair was from the 1960's and it is a bit more beat up than my chair but I'll clean it up and wax it and my darling granddaughter will have her own rocking chair to sit in when she comes to visit Mom Mom and Gramps.


  1. Wonderful story. Wow, that's amazing you were able to find a second one. Amazing. No doubt you'll be able to fix this one to look good as new. I love it.

  2. I love that you still have your beautiful little rocker...and that you found another is just something else! xo

  3. What a lucky find! Adorable! You have some wonderful memories of yours and now the second one will add memories too!