Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Friday Already?

It's a foggy, soggy day here today...we can certainly use the rain.  
It does make it easier to walk up the hill to the shop to work.  I find on beautiful days I'm wishing I could be outdoors.

It will be quiet here today.  The last two days the grandchildren have been here.  Look how much the baby girl has grown.

Holly has been here designing and creating garlands for Thanksgiving and Christmas, like the ones she made for Halloween pictured below.  Some of the steps in the process she can work on at home but most need to be done here.  Dylan is happy in the studio with me.  Give him a box full of wood cut into blocks of various sizes and he'll build castles and bridges for  hours and of course there's always
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to watch on the tv in the studio.  

Holly and the baby were in the house working on the laptop and when she needed to be in the shop for painting the chipboard or to use the cutter machine for cutting out the lettering, Mariah J spent her time on my lap, in her Gramp's arms or sleeping
on an old quilt in the corner of the studio. 

Looking forward to seeing the Christmas garlands I'll be putting them up on the website as soon as they're finished.



  1. Yes, it really is easier to get work done when you don't have that awful distraction of the sun and beautiful weather.

    It really is nice that your family has adapted so well with the care of the children and getting things done!

    Neat garlands!

  2. Baby girl is too precious for words. Those wrinkles at her wrists make me want to kiss all over her. She should be relieved she's so far away.