Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Sky Blue Pink Day...

My days have been running into each other lately...trying to get online orders made and shipped and making merchandise for Colorfest in Thurmont.  Set up our booth for that show this past weekend.  Wonderful weather, wonderful visitors to our display and we were able to have dinner with some of our old friends/vendors from the Basket Accessories Roadshow days.  Been running ever since we got home Sunday night playing catch up with emails and getting more orders finished and shipped and have been moving along in a daze.  

This morning, while putting on the coffee, this was the view from my kitchen window...

Took a deep breath and remembered to be thankful for the simple things.

Wishing you all a beautiful sky blue pink day!


  1. Beautiful...

    Wishing you the same, Pat!

  2. Very pretty view! I can't get over that we are halfway thru Oct!

  3. Now that what I call a stunning outlook. Hope you have a great day. Maa.