Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Another beautiful day...I was up early as I awakened to the Lucy dog staring into my face this morning.  I thought she had to go out...but as I pulled myself out of bed, she went flying to the kitchen and stood by her food bowl looking at it and then looking at me. 
"Well Mom, where is it?"  So I put the coffee on while she ate, poured myself a cup, and when she was finished eating, we went outside.  I thought I'd sit on the porch while she did her morning round of the yard.  She follows the same route every morning, checkin' out who may have passed through overnight.

However, as we went out the door to the porch we were attacked by several house wrens. 
Lucy quickly took care of business and was ready to go back inside.  I searched but didn't see any evidence of a nest.  House wrens are nasty little stinkers, however their song is lovely.

Lucy decided to crawl back into bed and quickly fell back asleep.

I, however, decided to brave the "attack of the wrens" and sit on the porch, sippin' my coffee.  Although the hydrangeas aren't quite open yet, there are several blooms are starting to show their colors...

I still have more annuals to get planted and should get that finished today.
Hoping you all have a beautiful Sunday...


  1. Nothing more peaceful than the morning of serenity with the almighty. Lucy is a cutie patooty.

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. But they're such cute little birds. She must have a nest around somewhere. I wonder if the attack would have been worse if Lucy had been a cat? I've seen birds make vicious attacks on my cat in the springtime.

  3. What a nice morning! Um, I love the little wrens, wonder where their nest is?

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Sounds like a lovely morning. I got to sit out in the sun eith my coffee also, minus the attacking birds!

  5. uh-oh...remembering the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds. Hope you persuaded them to move on!
    xo Cathy

  6. So love this pic of Lucy. Like Marydon says she is a cutie patooty. lol
    Sounds to me like a prefect way to start your Sunday. I too get woke up every morning but instead of a dog it is my cat Tinkerbell. She always wants more food.
    Your flowers are going to be beautiful

  7. Lucy looks so sweet sleeping! Sorry about the birdies not being nice!

    Happy Week!

  8. Lucy looks so cute in that picture! The birds were raising a ruckus in my backyard this evening. I had to go out and get my cat and bring her inside so they would quiet down.

  9. The wrens are such sassy birds. I do love them though. I always watch for their return. They will take over another's birdhouse...if they want it.
    Lucy looks so peaceful in that picture.

  10. I love hydrangeas...these almost look like they will be multi colored!