Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Created Equal

I used sponge brushes in my sign painting business almost everyday and have discovered not all sponge brushes are created equal. 20+ years ago, this type of paint brush was made with the wooden handle going into the sponge, attached to a piece of hard plastic inside the sponge.

Several years ago the brushes began to be made with the wood handle attached to a piece of plastic on the outside of the sponge, like the one in the picture above.  After a few sweeps of the brush while holding the handle, the flat sheet of plastic inside the sponge breaks and one ends up with a floppy, unusable mess.  Makes me think someone designed these new brushes so that they wouldn't last as long as the original, and people would need to purchase more and more.

After hearing me complaining and whining and throwing broken brushes across the room, my dear husband searched and found the "old" kind for me, like this one. .  They are stronger and last longer and can be found at
Budeke's Paints & Decorating 

Doesn't take much to make me happy...

I also found a new brand of glitter paint at Joann's Fabric and Paint last week.  
The red works so well on ruby slippers!


  1. only someone who uses them all the time would know the diffrence. I do believe your right the thought was to sell more.

  2. So many items are more inferior today. It really irritates me also.

  3. Yes, sadly New and Improved rarely is true. Typically its new and cheap!