Monday, April 25, 2011

Mothers of Little Boys...

Being a Mother of Daughters I never realized how true the sentiment below truly is until Darlin' D came into my life. Looking back, I had it fairly easy raising my two girls. I was thinking that I come home exhausted after a day of watching the grandson because I am getting old but is it maybe a combination of that and Dylan's bottomless little boy energy?

Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here...that makes 2 in a row.
Hope you all are having a good day too!


  1. Good Morning, Pat,
    Oh, I can't imagine how special it must be to observe your darling daughter be a mother...
    Enjoy the time you all have together.

    Have a great day. ~Natalie

    p.s. my only experience is with girls too. Even having their boyfriends around is another experience!! LOL

  2. Pat,

    Being the mom of 3 boys, I am always exhausted! Their little minds are continually racing at 100 miles per hour...from one thing to the next. It was normal for me as I didn't have any be on the go constantly.


  3. Honey little boys are exchausting because they are so curious and full of energy which is okay if you have the same get up and go. lol
    Thanks honey for such a sweet comment about my doctor. It helps to know that you understand and I really appreciate you.
    Thanks too for putting my giveaway on my sidebar
    Love ya

  4. Little boys are a handful!! I remember when my son was little... He was a handful in SCHOOL. He liked to be the class clown, but I never yelled at him because I didn't want to squelch his creativity! I just told him to try to calm down a "little" bit. LOL! Your little Dylan looks adorable in the picture above -- See? he's standing so nice and calm! And I know you are going to say: "Because his mom is holding his hand tightly! After she let go, he was off and running!" And how do I know that? Yep, that's how my son was! Just remember my mantra: I don't want to squelch his spirt. Especially remember to tell his mom to say this to Dylan's teachers in years to come. ;) Trust me, they grow up to be wonderful, loving, smart, great big boys!

  5. Hi Pat:) I have one of those and a girl and honestly I have to say my little girl is more of a handful than my boy... LOL.