Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Rip It Out and Do A Dye Job

Saturday, here in Maryland, as in so many other South Eastern States, it was rainy (2 inches), stormy, windy all day and into the night. The daughters and our sons acquired by marriage, came here for the day for dinner and to dye Easter Eggs with Dylan. Had the weather been nice, the boys were planning on helping Lou take down some trees in the front yard. However, when the weather didn't cooperate, the plans were changed dramatically. It was decided that the living room ceiling, which had some water damage, was coming down. When we moved into our house 35 years ago, Lou had put up drywall over a ceiling of cracked plaster, added cedar beams and stippled the ceiling. We liked it then but in 2011 it is very '70's, very dated. I had said when the time came to repair the water damage I would really like it the '70's gone from the living room.

The "kids" walked in the front door on Saturday and quickly cleared the living room of furniture, (which is now tucked in various rooms and places around the house) curtains, lamps the fireplace mantle, every picture, book and rug. Plastic was put up to cover the doorways out of that room. First beams came down, then the crown moulding, then the old drywall. Lou, Chad and Erik worked all day in that room and were able to get much of the new drywall back up and finished putting up the rest on Sunday.

Holly and Meagan fixed both lunch and dinner for all of us and while the men folk were busy ripping out the ceiling, the women took time to dye eggs. It is the first time that Dylan was able to help with that task and he did an enthusiastic job. His Great Grandmother, my Mom, was also here to help with coloring the eggs.

Lou will tape and spackle the ceiling this week. We need to go pick out new crown moulding and paint colors. We are debating on refinishing the wood floors, but I would be happy with just getting the ceiling finished and the room painted. Lou is also planning on making raised wood panels to cover the brick fireplace.

I'm so very grateful to my children, Holly and Chad, Meagan and Erik for taking the time to help us old folks this weekend. Love you guys! I am blessed to have you all in my life.


  1. Pat,

    So glad you can almost check one project off the "to do" list. It sure was a messy day on Saturday.

    Looks like Dylan had a good time with the egg dying.


  2. Love the photo of dyed hands and the look on Dylan's face!
    xo Cathy

  3. Oh, how nice to have all that help. When family gets together to work it is so much more fun than when we do it ourselves. It sounds like your room will look very nice when it is finished. Dylan looks so cute dying those eggs and what fun he must have had. Hugs

  4. Nice to have kids help when needed. Dylan and your Mom look so serious in their work. I love the looks on their faces...Did the eggs turn out pretty?

  5. I am so happy that you got this done over the dreary weekend you were having. Goodness could I borrow your family for a weekend. lol
    Sounds like your new update is going to be really nice and I know you are thrilled to have it done.
    Your Dylan is the sweetest little boy. What a great way to spend time with his grandmothers and mother. Love these pictures.
    Thanks so much for putting my giveaway on your sidebar your a sweetheart and I love having you for a friend

  6. G'eve Pat ~ Darling share of Dylan ... what a grand time he must have had how he is looking at those fingers.

    I know exactly!! how you feel, Pat. It is such a joy to make changes in the house, as we just went thru hopefully our final 2 constructions ... don't you just feel warm & thrilled when it is done. I can stand for hours & just L O O K at the finished changes ... You are so fortunate to have had the children there to assist you in your projects.

    Have an eggs-tra blessed Easter ~
    TTFN ~

  7. Well that baby is the cutest. How wonderful you had such good help to get so much done. we have thought about raised panels for years but no progress toward it.
    happy easter

  8. Dylan is just so cute in all the photos. I especially love the last one showing his sweet egg-coloring hands.