Monday, October 4, 2010

Hoping For Crowds Like This

This weekend is Colorfest in Thurmont, MD. Lou and I have been working long days getting ready for this festival. We've participated for years in the front yard of a building owned by friends but this year will be part of the "official Colorfest".
Look for us at the Carnival Grounds.
The Country Workshop

This festival has always been a get together for us with other crafter friends that we don't always get to see. Several of the vendors participated in The Basket Accessories Roadshow. We'll be having dinner at the Cozy with Debbie and Jimmy of Alpine Embroidery.
I believe Shar and Bill of Shar's Fabric Goodies will be joining us also.
Dee from Icehousecrafts will be setting up again for this show,
and Dee the weather so far looks perfect.
We will miss Diane and Terry of Basket Accessories
who for years set up next to us in David and Dawn's front yard
but won't be doing the festival this year.

So we will be wishing for wonderful weather and large crowds and if you are in the area,
stop by and say hello!


  1. If your weather is anything like ours has been you should have a spectacular event!

  2. Pat,

    I'm hoping for a big crowd that is buying! And you are right the weather is looking pretty good....see ya there!