Wednesday, June 14, 2017

School's Out...Let the Fun Begin!

 When Lou and I saw the pool at BJ's
I thought it would be the perfect replacement
for the little round blowup one
we've set up for the grandlittles
the last two years.

I asked Lou to fill it with air.
He has it in the Workshop and
uses the compressor to blow it up.
I get a phone call a little bit later and
when I answer it, all I hear is laughing.
"You need to come up here."
"Why?" I ask.
Lou says, "You remember the Dick Van Dyke show
where Laura opens the package
with the  inflatable raft?"
(some of you may be too young to remember
this but a funny, funny episode from that show)
When I walk into the shop,
the pool was fully inflated and way too
big to get out the shop door.
So we, pull the plugs and squeeze the air out.
An old folks lesson learned.
Blow up the pool in the yard...

 Although the Dumplin' was happier 

playing in the soup pot rather than
the new blow up pool...

The other two Littles are having a good time...

Best $25.00 I've ever spent!


  1. Ha Ha! Looks like fun for the kiddies! Great investment!

  2. Pat, I remember that show...Laura's curiosity got the best of her. The wee fellow by the soup cute.. The two older ones are loving the pool. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. glad someone else remembers the Dick Van Dyke show. It nevers seems to show up on any of those tv stations that are playing old series.

  3. Beautiful photos, Pat! I can almost feel the water! :)

  4. Yes, a wonderful buy!!!! :-)

    And I so enjoy seeing your Dumplin', being happier playing with the soup pot. they are so precious, at that age. Little things are just as wonnnnderful, as bigggger things. :-)

    Luna Crone