Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tuesday Trip...

Lou and I needed to make a run to
Reading, PA to pick up 1
1/4 inch wood
that we use to for the stacking blocks we make.
Usually we have the wood for our signs delivered,
but as this was just one sheet,
we decide to go and get it and combine
this trip to visit my 96 year old aunt,
who lives in Lebanon, PA.

Gray day, but the trip along the Pennsylvania
 backroads from Reading to Lebanon
was still 
a lovely ride.

We had a wonderful visit with my Aunt Ruth,
who is my Dad's sister.
She is living with her son, Mark and his wife.
We caught up on family news and traveled down
memory lane talking about
my Grandmother and her life.
Ruth had memories of her life as a child
and helped me connect family members.
I have been working on our family story
and had names popping up in my search
that I wasn't sure of.
 I had also come across some information
that she was not aware of in my search.

It was wonderful visit.
Hoping the next time my Mom
will feel well enough to make the trip with us.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a trip with a lift. I enjoy hearing memoirs from my relative's past. Makes you wish they wrote diaries, doesn't it?