Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What do you give Someone for Her 100th Birthday?

In several weeks, we will be celebrating 
Aunt Dot's 100th Birthday. 

Rosa Dorothea Marie is Lou's Father's sister.
She never married. 
When she was in her 80's and someone
asked her why she had so few wrinkles,
she said, "I'm sure it's because I never had to put up
with a man in my life."

She is still sharp of mind but needs
to be in a wheel chair. 
The family is throwing a birthday bash
for her next month.

Our daughters and their cousins thought a photo,
printed on canvas, of all the
great and great-great nieces and nephews
would be a good gift. 
So we trekked down to the family shore house
on a beautiful but a bit cool Sunday afternoon
to try get just the perfect shot. 
I took over 50 photos, some with my camera,
some with daughter Meagan's camera,
and there wasn't one good one in the bunch.
Eyes were closed, heads were turned,
hair was blowing across the girls faces.  
The littles were actually very patient and cooperative
and the older cousins always have a good time
when they get together.
So both sets of photos were given to my
miracle worker son-in-law and he worked his magic,
swapping heads, getting rid of shadows and
brushing hair out of eyes.
He assembled a perfect photo.

This is one of the pictures of Aunt Dot we'll be
using in a slide show at the birthday party.
The marble steps she is laying on in this photo
are part of Baltimore row house history.
Aunt Dot scrubbed these steps every
Saturday with BonAmi.


  1. No doubt you've come up with the perfect gift. Isn't it wonderful her mind is still sharp. What a wonderful thing for you to do for her.

  2. I think the photo should do it, along with lots of love, hugs and kisses. Ask her if there is anything - it might be something as simple as going to the Dairy Queen for her favorite sundae. She will love whatever it is!

  3. No problems with pictures anymore; everything can be changed and fixed. Your family picture turned out great and your Aunt Dot's photo is priceless.