Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tree Hunt ...

Christmas Tree Farm on Friday with Gramps,
daughter Holly, the Grandlittles and 
the pups...

A tree hunt on an almost 70 degree day?
That was a first.

Lots and lots of trees to choose from...

When the children finally decided on the "one"
Gramps got to cut it down with lots of supervising.

Thanks kids for letting Gramps and Mom Mom
tag along on your adventure.


  1. What fun! 70? I am jealous.
    I love that Christmas Tree Farmhouse, btw!

  2. What a perfect, perfect day! Love all your sweet little ones. And that weather is unbelievable. We hit a high of 33 here on the bay today. UGH! xo Diana

  3. 70 and you get a tree! I think that is great for the kids and granddad laying on the ground to cut it.