Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Views

I haven't been out much this week
so I am offering views from the yard...

It's been extremely cold and crazy windy. 
Not as much snow as those north of us received but the several inches
we got isn't melting because of the below freezing temps.

Spring can't come too soon.


  1. Some nice pictures there! I agree about the cold, wishing this ice would melt! Winter should start giving in soon, although I can't see it giving up easily this year.

  2. Your photos are lovely. Your little birds at the feeder reminds me that I have to go replenish their feeders.
    Thanks for the reminder. I was taking a computer break from scrubbing cabinet doors in the kitchen.

    I love that cute dog and the sweater too.


  3. Well, you don't need to go too far from home when you can get pictures like that AT home. I am so ready for Spring, too. Winter seems longer every year! xo Diana

  4. You've taken some really chilly photos making me totally agree about spring! ...But I would have without them, it's cold here too!