Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Settin' Up...

for the Autumn/Christmas Perry Hall Craft and Gift Show.
While getting the display up, I chatted with the two gals, Sheila and Darlene
who started this show over 30 years ago.  The first time I participated,
my oldest daughter Holly was just about two years old.
I remember that because I took her with me while I set up
very different products from what I make today. 
With books, some toys, crayons and paper,
Holly kept herself occupied while I did my thing. 

While Sheila and her husband John are still running this show,
Darlene and her husband have retired to FL.
However, Darlene still ships her wares for both the Spring and Fall shows.
She was in town visiting relatives and was at the
show setting up her own display. 
The three of us did alot of
reminiscing of past years and past shows.

Lou and I were able to get everything up and ready for opening day
and will be restocking every 6 days or so.
The best part about doing a consignment show is that
we don't need to physically be there.


  1. That looks good all set up, Pat! Hope you had a really good day. The displays look great- xo Diana

  2. Everything looks great! Yep, consignment is a good way to go!