Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm too old for this...

We have been a bit crazy around here.  Lou and I decided, after over a year of not doing any shows where we set up our display and peddle our wares, to actually book a show in Ocean City, MD.  We have done seasonal consignment shows, where we drop off our products and the owner of the show sells for us and then we pick up what hasn't sold, and wait for a check.

 So for the last several weeks, we've been getting internet orders made
and shipped out and making extra items for the OC show. 
Crazy long hours in the shop and trying to do
normal people things during the rest of the time. 

Daughter, Holly,son-by-love, Chad and the grandbabies offered to come down
to the beach to help us set up and break down the show and also get a few days away. 
However, the Darling D had his end of the year celebration at his pre-school on Friday,
so plans changed a bit and the two old people and
Lucy set up the show on Friday morning.
I do have to say that Lucy was just the perfect pup...She settled down and watched us
lug in the display and the merchandise and took a nap while we set up.

 Holly and Chad, the kids and granddog joined us on Friday evening.  We were able to go out and have dinner together and then back to where we were staying, drop into bed and pass out. 

Up early on Saturday morning and off to the show for Lou and me. 
The kids, grands and the dogs went off on adventures of their own.

After dinner, a stroll on the beach and toes in the water...

  and a gorgeous sunset on the bayside.

     Lou and I spent Sunday, again at the show, and when it was over,
we had lots of help breaking down the display and
getting everything back into the truck and trailer.

We had a wonderful time whenever we weren't at the show.
Time with the family is always special.
However, because the weather was gorgeous,
very few customers came through the show.
There are reasons we stopped doing shows and decided to sell online...
like how physically hard it is to set up and
break down and how you can never know
how successful or unsuccessful a craft show can be due
to good weather or bad weather.
Seems in our old age, we forgot those reasons.

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  1. Now it works....Patience Balisha.
    Just sent you an email about comments. Disregard.

    I remember those days. It was a super hot August day in the sun....where I thought I might pass out that did it for me. Lots of fun in the early years when crafting was just beginning.