Friday, December 20, 2013

Morning has Broken...

 The last of the Christmas orders  went to the Post Office yesterday.  Lou and I have been like elves every day for weeks, getting into the shop early and staying late.  We had a few monkey wrenches thrown in just to slow us down.  On the compressor we use to spray the finish, the tank sprung a leak and Lou has been spraying the signs with a smaller compressor which makes finishing each batch take longer.  Then we both caught some kind of bug and took turns as to who felt the worst.  But the biggie was my old car just stopped running and the news is not good...she has died, never to run again..  This wouldn't be such a catastrophe if the truck was working, but it is sitting in the backyard with the old motor out and a new motor sitting there, waiting for Lou to put it in.   We do have a wonderful family who has taken us wherever we've needed to be for the past week.  Thanks wonderful family!

But this morning we were treated with a  beautiful the east was a gorgeous sunrise and to the west the setting moon.   New day...and hopefully a new car.


  1. Love the song...It was the processional song used in our wedding.
    Sorry about all your setbacks. I remember working sick a couple of times when I was crafting. Christmas is so hectic and you just have to get those orders out no matter how you feel.Now it's over and you can relax and enjoy the season.
    Merry Christmas from Balisha

  2. Ah, if it isn't one thing it's two. Seems like this stuff happens when we are the most stressed. I believe I saw the same sunrise and moon set the other morning, it was indeed lovely. Thanks for sharing your shots!