Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Adventure or Last Fling Before the Ring

Took a trip to Ocean City, MD this weekend for the Bachelorette Party for my darling niece Jennifer.  I laughed when I read my Aunt's Facebook post on Friday morning about our trip...talking about 7 wild and crazy women going to OC for the Fling before the Ring.  The group consisted of the Bride, her Sister, her 2 Cousins (my 2 Daughters) , The Mother of the Bride, The Godmother of the Bride and the Aunt of the Bride. 
Out of the bunch I can't say there is even one wild and crazy.


We decorated the car with fluffy white bows and magnets
stating it was the Official Bachelorette Party Vehicle.

We applied this sticker for the back window and all piled into
the car for the trip to the beach.

A stop for dinner after crossing the Bay Bridge
at the Crackle Barrel (as I said, Wild and Crazy?)
and then back to the car to go "Down the Ocean, Hon". 
(For those not from MD that is a true Baltimore saying for a trip to OC)

An absolutely beautiful weekend at the beach, sunny and in the low 80's

We took a surrey ride on the boardwalk...
Notice the young girls have fringe on top but the old girls don't.
A warning to the younger generation...when you get old, your fringe falls off!

The one, close to be wild and crazy, was a trip to Seacrets in OC on Saturday night. 
Lots of music and really strong drinks.  The old girls stayed for a while but as it was extremely hot and humid and the 3 old girls left to go back to the hotel before the young girls. 
However, the Bride and her Bridesmaids ended up back at the room before midnight. 

Wild and Crazy ???

How wonderful that these cousins love being together
and have been going to the beach together since they were little.

And it says something about this family that the Bride and her Bridesmaids
would invite their Mothers and the Bride's Godmother to join them for the trip.

Looking forward the Wedding in 2 weeks...

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  1. Enjoy the wedding! That looks like a great weekend.