Friday, December 21, 2012

Memories of Christmas Past

I'm thinking this must have been taken in 1959.  My baby sister Jan looks to be less than a year old and she was born in February of '59.  Lovin' my brother John's red shoes.  I am lucky to still have my Mom.  Remembering the wonderful times we had and I will always miss my Dad who we lost 19 years ago. 


  1. Christmas is all about family. Wonderful post :) Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the tree with all the tinsel. I remember many an argument over "proper" tinsel application. My dad was a thrower and my mom carefully placed each individual strand. LOL

  3. Such lovely memories. I think these precious memories are one of our reasons for the holidays.
    So happy you still have your Mom I wish I had mine but I do have my memories of them both.
    It's always nice when you drop by and say hello.
    Just gtoldmy daughter this morning that I need to get back to my old blogging ways or quit. Maybe somewhere in between. Lol
    Sending you much Love,Peace and Joy this Holiday seasin.
    Merry Christmas