Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just A Glimpse...

A glimpse of the sun this morning while waiting for the coffee to brew...but that may be the only sighting today.  A cold front roared through last night and it's chilly today and looks to be a gray day.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving gathering here.  One son by love cooked the turkey in a metal trash can and the other son by love took care of the ham on the grill.
Made it much easier for me.

Heading up to the studio in a few...have some orders to ship and others to paint. Planning to pull out the Christmas decorations tomorrow.  Lou wants to put up a small train garden, which he hasn't done for years...but thinking the 3 year old grandson will love it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. These gray days are the worst!

    Turkey cooked in a trashcan... interesting.

  2. Freezing here today too. I have the fire going and it's now summer! Can't believe it! Sue

  3. Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful, especially with family cooking with love. I would like that turkey trashcan recipe though! :) And the photo in the previous post of Mr. D and his sister is the cutest pic, they are so beautiful, you must be so proud. Hey, also please visit my blog to enter to win Fish Foam! ;)
    p.s. And yes, I am grateful the good Lord woke me up this morning!