Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What we have to look forward to... the Post Office

I purchased this punch bowl from waringhomestead, a shop on etsy on December 16. The very nice owner of the shop shipped it on the 18th. Delivery Confirmation shows it was accepted by the Post Office on that date. I figured there was a chance it would be here for Christmas...great for eggnog I thought. It was coming from OH to MD. Expected Delivery date was the 24th. The next scan was on the 24th at the Capitol Heights sorting facility. I had hoped it would be here for Christmas but really didn't expected to be. Well it is still sitting at the sorting facility today. It will be interesting to see when it will arrive.

I had this problem with oh so many of the packages I shipped to customers before Christmas. At one point I had a number of packages sitting for 6 days in the Baltimore facility. These were all Priority Mail and they took at least 8 days to be delivered. Another package, shipped on December 1 sat in the Baltimore facility until 18th and was delivered, finally on the 20th. It was going to MI. The customer of this order was very understanding, thank goodness. I had one person who purchased several signs from me file a non-delivery case with one of the venues where I sell my signs. She didn't seem to understand that the package was shipped, even with the tracking info supplied. Once I put it in the Post Office system, the time it takes is out of my hands. It sat in the Baltimore sort facilitiy from December 12th until it reappeared at the TX Post Office on the 18th and was delivered on the 19th.

Another local crafter told me that the sorting facility in Frederick, MD had closed. This info supplied by her local Post Office when she asked why shipping was taking so long. It will truly be interesting to see what happens as more Post Offices are closed.

As for the red glass punch bowl...I guess I can use it for 4th of July...Independence Punch maybe? Just hope it will be delivered by then!


  1. Give me a break this should not be happening and the post office wonders why they are losing money. I bet if you shipped it ups or fedex it would have gotten there.

  2. I ordered from Apple on line on Dec. 19. It was shipped from China and arrived Dec. 22.
    Yet a christmas card from Vermont took 2 weeks to get to me. Its crazy.

  3. Ugh... waiting for something shipped from the UK. It's here in the states, somewhere. It's in customs, as it has been for more than two weeks!

  4. Oh my and they wonder why their not getting the business they once had.
    That is a shame and I am so sorry this happened especially during the holidays.
    Been a bad friend here lately and I am hoping in the new year I will be better with my visits to my friends.
    Wanted to come by and check on you and to wish you a very Happy New Year.

  5. This whole thing with the Post Office is driving me crazy!

  6. It sure is lovely.

    Customers should understand that it's not the seller's fault if the postal system messes up. Still, some people just want to think the worst without thinking at all!