Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Day With The Boy

Spent the day with my Darlin' D today. He stayed overnight, so we had an early start to the day. We made pancakes for breakfast then set out to get pumpkin colored acrylic paint for Halloween signs. Dylan talked to me the whole time we were strolling through Joann's as he was sitting in the seat of the shopping cart facing me. Now that he has so much to say I have discovered he is quite a character (very like his Dad) and he makes me laugh.

Then we headed to Weber's Farm for apples, peaches and cider. We visited the turkeys, which I'm sure will be on Thanksgiving tables in November... but I will never tell Dylan that. He gobble gobbled all afternoon.

I saw this cute idea for making a Halloween greeting using the foot prints of a child and making them into 2 little ghosts. It wasn't as easy as I thought. Although Dylan was happy to cooperate...what 2 year old wouldn't like having paint spread on the bottoms of his feet, the first try was to put the black card stock on the floor and stand him on it. His little feet just slid forward in a streak. So I re-painted his little tootsies and had him sit in the high chair and pressed the card stock to his painted soles. It took several more pieces of cardboard before we got this one. It was hard to get just the right amount of paint on the feet. Then I popped him into the tub, as we were both covered in in white poster paint. Later we added eyes, the moon, stars and glitter.

Good Night All


  1. If that kid isnt't the most adorable little thing! I want to eat him up! Oh, you are so lucky to have him and to be able to spend time with him. I know you must feel that you are blessed beyond words. And I like your writing on the picture - you have very nice printing! :)

  2. That is precious! He is an adorable little boy and it's nice that now you have that painting to remember the visit!