Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Thoughts...

1. After years of trying to attract hummingbirds to my garden with several different types of feeders without success, I find them at hostas in front of the house.

photo courtesy google images

2. Got a text from Holly on Saturday morning...Darlin' D went on the potty for the first time. He was with me yesterday and told me all day when he had to go. Lots of clapping and cheering here on the hill. However the novelty must have worn off...he wouldn't take the time today at home with his Mom. (I hope he doesn't read this post when he's older)

3. I haven't seen a stink bug around here, inside or out for several weeks. Where the heck did they go...not complaining, but had heard how bad they would be this summer.

4. I've been having a problem with the middle finger of my right hand...that's the finger that the paintbrush rests against and right at the cuticle it's been cracking and sore. I can't stand to wear gloves while I paint. I found these nifty little finger covers at the drug store. They seem to be doing the trick.

5. I think that the experiment of planting zucchini in posts has failed. Lots of leaves and flowers but not one zucchini as of today. I had hoped I would have bunches like the picture below.

6. I really can't get into Twitter and tweeting...I had set up an account over a year ago to promote the Country Workshop but can't seem to get the hang of putting all I have to say in that little bit of space. I guess I just have a run on brain. But I've decided to try again. I think I'm afraid I'm missing something.

7. Found these wonderful solar lights that screw onto mason jars. Just had to get some for the patio and garden. You can find them at TreaureAgain on Etsy. Can't wait to receive them and to find just the right spots for them in the yard.

8. Also found this tutorial on The Craftberry Bush blog about how to stain glass jars blue. I'm thinking maybe I will stain the jars I use for the lights above.

Good Night All...


  1. I love the lights. when I was young my best friends mother was into painting glass if I remember right it peeled of course that was 40 years ago so it must of improved by now. hope your finger feels better. ah the pottey when your little no time to much fun.

  2. I used to have glass paints and made faux stained glass ornaments. Also did some bottles and cups, it worked quite well, but didn't like the dishwasher.

    I did zucchini in a pot once, bad results, sounds like yours.

    I have been having a lot of hummers looking in the windows of my womb - must be my brightly colored curtains.

  3. I'm back in the world of blogging. I enjoyed the break but was beginning to miss my blogging friends. Thanks for your email a few weeks ago. You are the kind of blogger I found myself missing.

    I enjoyed every item in this post but found the item for cracked cuticles quite interesting. I'm going to look for that product.