Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Geranium on Black

Don't you just love Geraniums...minimal care and lots of color all summer long. This year I found a variety called candy cane for my garden. The flowers are pink with red stripes. Something a little bit different. Looking forward to later in the season
when they are large and bushy and covered in blooms.

I painted this Welcome sign with pretty geraniums and it will be hanging on my front door for the season.


  1. I do love geraniums and I love your sign. What's the saying, "stick a geranium in your hat and be happy?"

  2. Beautiful work...on both, but the geraniums are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful! And yes I do love geraniums. Hugs

  4. Wouldn't that be pretty on a mailbox? I wish that I had better luck with geraniums, but I can enjoy the ones on other's blogs.