Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Pots...

Meagan and Erik are getting married in the fall at an old barn in Thurmont. We plan on using my hydrangeas, which should be lovely shades of green and burgundy by then, for the centerpieces on the tables. I usually dry them and have them for sale at one of my fall shows, but this year they will finally get used for a wedding. I do believe in the back of my little mind, I planted them all those years ago just for that reason, always hoping that the blooms could be used for the weddings of my daughters. Holly and Chad were married at the beginning June and only several blooms were totally opened. It's usually around the end of June-beginning of July that the blues, pinks and whites are in full bloom.

Also for the wedding, I get to keep alive a dozen pots and buckets which we've filled with dark red and yellow dahlias, grasses, sweet potato vine and more, to decorate around the outside of the barn. So my patio and back porch have become a wedding holding area.

I've had these daisies for years...they were one of the first flowers I planted when we moved into the house over thirty years ago. I do believe my love for this simple flower made me want to garden. And yes, I did carry daisies and yellow roses at our wedding 34 years ago...They went so well with my cotton dotted swiss hippie wedding dress. ( which neither daughter wanted to wear)

Also...Still waiting for baby Dylan


  1. Pat,

    Too funny...having to plant pot babysit! And no baby....well what's he waiting for? LOL!


  2. These pots of greenery and blooms are beautiful! What a gardener!