Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lucy is no Frisbee dog

Sunday afternoon, while playing frisbee, Lucy sprained or bruised her toes on her front left foot. Now the thing is, she doesn't jump to catch the frisbee. She runs but usually lets it hit the ground before picking it up or catches it as it rolls. In other words...she plays frisbee like a girl, so I'm not sure how this happened. She started out with a slight limp and it became worse as the evening progressed. We checked the pads of her foot for cuts or splinters but saw none. When it wasn't any better by morning, we took her to see the vet, had xrays, and thank goodness it wasn't broken, but the vet thinks she bruised or jammed her toes. She's on pain meds. I'm cleaning the foot with medicated wipes because there was some irritation between the pads on that foot, but not the reason she was limping, and applying cold compresses twice a day.

You can see in her new photo she's leaning to the right to keep the weight off that foot and looking like...I'm so sad you just have to come hug me. My Grandmother would have called her Pitiful Pearl.

Today she's doing much better and loving all the extra attention.


  1. I do love a Cocker...darling picture of her with your blue hydrangea background. Hope she feels better fast.

  2. plays frisbee like a girl...that is sooo funny. I hope she is doing a little better today. Happy July! ~Natalie

  3. Pat,

    And just how do girls play frisbee? LOL!


  4. Sorry she is in pain. She is so adorable!

  5. Poor little Lucy. She is so sweet looking. You are a devoted pet Mommie. Lucy is a lucky dog. Love those giant blue balls of flowers behind her.

  6. Poor Lucy. Dre would like to send her a hug!