Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Weekend...Wonderful Old Houses and Wind...

Lou and I set up for Colorfest in
Thurmont, Maryland this past weekend.
We waited too long to make reservations
 at the hotel where we usually stay and
ended up having to stay in Waynesboro, PA
which is about a 30 minute ride to Thurmont.
A nice little town with some beautiful old houses.

The weather however wasn't so wonderful.
Rain on Saturday...not a complete wash out
and attendance was certainly down because of it.
But there were many true shoppers
who came prepared with slickers,
boots and umbrellas.

Sunday was clear with lots of blue sky
and sunshine.  But it was windy
that vendor tents were flipping over
or collapsing.  We have our canopies
weighted down but I was really afraid
they might take off like Dorothy's house
in the Wizard of Oz. 

In my brain I keep hearing,

"It really was no miracle. What happened was just this.
The wind began to switch, the house to pitch
and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.
Just then the Witch - to satisfy an itch went flying
on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch."

We were lucky.
There were vendors who weren't.
There was constant wind with some crazy gusts.
We had friends with us to grab a tent pole
every time there was a strong wind gust.
One gust actually pulled the canopy top
off on one corner.  In all the years we've
 been setting up our display at outside shows,
we've never had a day like this.
The wind continued all day.
Lou and I are still recuperating.
Thinking I'm too old for this crap.

I did have the pleasure of meeting
a fellow blogger on Sunday.
So excited to have finally meet Marydon.
She is just as dear in person as she is online.