Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cheerios are now Gluten Free...

For one little boy with a gluten intolerance,
this is a happy day!
I always had a baggie filled with Cheerios
for my Darlin' D in my purse when
he was younger. 
He knew just where to look for
his treat when he saw me. 
When it was determined he was having
a problem with gluten, that had to stop.  
Cheers to Cheerios for coming up with a way to
make their products gluten free.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Maryland Crab Shacks...


 Actually took a few minutes this morning
while getting my coffee fix to finally take a look
at the August edition of Southern Living.
Several good articles this month including
one on the best Crab Shacks in Maryland.

One of our favorite places made the list...
Crabs to Go on Route 50 outside Ocean City.

 Great steamed crabs and 
very tasty cream of crab soup.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

TBT...Grandparents...Those who came before

In doing  research on my family history,
I am receiving from family members
some wonderful old photos. 
This one includes my Mother's Parents
and her Grandmother. 
Back row first on the right is my Grandfather, John
and next to him is his Mother,
my Great Grandmother, Katherine. 
Sitting in front of him is my Grandmother, Elsie. 
The rest of the people in the photo are family friends. 
Photo was taken about 1929. 
I spent so much time with my Grandparents
when I was a child.  Many wonderful memories.
In this photo they are so very young
and first time parents of my Mom. 
They had two more daughters...
one ten years and one twenty years
after my Mother was born.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mermaids Glinda Courage Kindness

Three signs this week with special pricing.
The Glinda quote is one of my favorites.
Sale runs until Sunday August 30th.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015


 I feel like I may be living in
that movie "Arachnophobia"  . 

 Seeing so many spiders in the garden this week.

 Creepy Crawlies.

It seems this time every year there are
so many webs and spiders.  
I guess this must mean fall is
just around the corner...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT... Good Genes

 Betty Lou

Stella A.

The reason my daughters are smart,
amazing and beautiful.
Two exceptional Grandmothers.  


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A few days at the beach...

 Some beautiful sunrises at the beach the past couple of days.
Lou and I took my Mom to visit one of her dearest friends
who is now living just outside of Ocean City, MD.
The two have been friends for over 50 years.

  My Mom, Betty Lou, is on the right and her friend Sue, on the left. 
Sue was celebrating her 21 st birthday "again" on Monday.
Lou, my Mom and I joined Sue and her husband for a birthday dinner.
It was wonderful listening to their reminiscing
about so many years of friendship.

 Daughter Holly and our Darlin' D also came to spend a day or two,
to give Dylan a birthday present of a helicopter ride over the beach. 

 Looks like he really enjoyed it.
An escape to the beach is always a good idea...

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Haven't seen too many hummers this summer.
I was happy to see this beauty visiting the garden.

A Thought for Saturday Morning...

Start Each Day with God,
Grace and Gratitude

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What I did on my Summer Vacation???

 Can't believe we're in the middle of August already....
The summer has just been flying by.


 The summer started out with Lucy's ruptured disk. 
We carried her up the stairs and down the stairs. Picked her up to put her in
the car and lower her out of the car.  We had to screw
a board across the doorway at the top of the stairs that goes to the basement
as she broke through the baby gate and most likely slid down the stairs
as her back legs weren't strong enough to hold her
traveling the steps.  She was on medication for weeks. 
Lucy is however doing so much better now. 
Her left hind leg still slips a bit but she's doing great for
an old gal who broke her back.

 Spent a time at the beach with the grandbabies...

   Watched the moon wax and wane...

 Watched the garden grow....

Celebrated Darlin'D's 6th birthday....

Played with water pistols....

 Babysat for Cali Lou while my brother
and his wife went on vacation...

 Did some gardening...

 Enjoyed the Blue Moon...

Got more and more excited about the new grandbaby due in November...

Had sangria slushies on the porch...

...and watched the sunset.

 Oh, and I have been working  on orders and new designs...
and we did set up for several shows.  But I'm always doing that.

How was your summer???


Monday, August 3, 2015

America's Coolest Small Town....

 Today we strolled through America's
Coolest Small Town, Berlin, Maryland.
Wonderful shops and restaurants and
lots of vintage goodies.

Ocean Pines Craft Show

 We went to the beach this weekend to participate in
the Ocean Pines Craft Show
which is held every year on the first Saturday in August.
We were lucky with the timing...
we were able to see the Blue Moon rise up
over the Atlantic.
  We arrived at White Horse Park around 5:30 am
to set up our tents and display.
 We had beautiful weather...a bit on the hot side
but the humidity was low.
 The show is run by a wonderful group of ladies
and has been going for 38 years.
Below is their Facebook page.
Ocean Pines Pine'eer Craft Club

After doing the craft show yesterday,
Lucy and I  relaxed  on the porch this morning. 
I had my coffee and Lucy is sniffed the local smells
and caught a few winks. The old man slept in. 
Thinking all three of us are feeling our age
after setting up and breaking down for the show.