Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lucy's Halloween Costume

Lucy wasn't too happy with this Angel costume...Can't you tell from her expression?

Happy, Happy Halloweenie!

Looking forward to dinner and another group birthday party this afternoon with the family. The best part of this will be seeing Dylan and Cali in their Halloween costumes.
Wishing all a fun filled and safe Halloween...
and watch out for things that go bump in the night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Regal Roosts

Last weekend at the Maryland Home and Garden Show we met Keven Hurst of Regal Roosts, maker of these wonderful Victorian Birdhouses. The attention to detail is amazing. Visit the website and you can read the story of how his business came to be and be sure to request a catalog so you can decide just which one is a must have.

Christmas is Coming...

Christmas is coming and it shows in my studio. Colors of red, green and antique white are the popping up all over. I've been working on signs, shelf sitters and glass ornaments with Santa, Angels and Snowmen. I'm finding that I need more hours in the day to get everything thing done I want to get done. Where are the elves when you need them?

The Country Workshop

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Survey for Julie

I received this email from daughter #1. It's a quick survey and will help Julie with her thesis. If you have a moment, could you take a look and fill out the form?

Hi Everyone,
My friend Julie is trying to collect data for her MBA thesis. Could you please help her out by filling out this survey on your opinions on at-home-diagnostic tests? It will only take 5 minutes of your day! She needs as many people from as many age ranges as possible. So please forward this on if you can!
All responses are completely anonymous.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day at Weber's Cider Mill Farm

Four Generations My Mom, Holly, Dylan and I were together this day for pumpkin huntin', hay ridin' and maze wanderin'. A wonderful day for all four of us.
Went for lunch to Bateman's for crab soup and sweet potato fries.
This evening, Meagan came to visit with us. How nice it was to have both grown daughters and Dylan here at the house tonight!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Pumpkins in a Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this cute pumpkin hat for the grandson from Etsy shop.
Knit 2gether in Love
This shop has some wonderful knitted items for kids, dogs and adults.
Also, I just have to look in a shop that has a cutie cocker spaniel as its avatar.

Darlin' Dylan and cousin Precious Paul in the Pumpkin Patch this weekend.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Original By Peggy

We set up our display this past weekend at The Maryland Home and Garden Show. Unfortunately for us the weather outside was absolutely beautiful and there weren't as many guests walking through the show as we had hoped for. I did however get a chance to walk around and see what the other vendors had to offer. I stopped at a display of wonderful felted purses and other felted items. Had a chance to talk with the artist and discovered that she had an Etsy shop...An Original By Peggy
As we continued our conversation, we discovered we live live within a mile or so from each other and that her husband, who was a teacher at Loch Raven High School, had taught my two daughters. Small world, don't you think?
You may want to take a peek at her wonderful things!

I had to borrow one of Peggy's photos from her etsy shop as our shop computer has died. I had photos I had taken of artists wares at the show, was able to tweak them in photoshop yesterday and then the computer locked up. Turned it off and it must have decided it gave all it had to will not turn back on! Lou is waiting for me to finish this post on the laptop so he can order a new computer (or parts to build a new computer).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love I Love My Little Calendar Girl...

Received an email today that this photo of our little Lucy was chosen for next years "Sweetest Things"calendar for The Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue. This is a wonderful organization which fosters and finds homes for cocker spaniels looking for a new family. I had forgotten I had entered her photo after seeing a call for entries of pictures for the calendar on Facebook.
You can visit the website below and click on the calendar information if you are interested in purchasing a calendar and helping some fuzzy faces find new homes.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colorfest Saturday...

What a beautiful morning in the little town of Thurmont, MD with blue skies and cool temperatures. True shoppers came early, as soon as it was light, to visit the many of displays set up around the town.

These two cuties were out early for shopping with their humans.

As the day went on we had lots of visitors to our booth...

It was the perfect day for a craft show for both vendor and shopper.

After closing down for the night we met friends
Debbie and Jimmy Strubel (Alpine Embroidery and Engraving)
for the buffet at The Cozy Restaurant.
It's now time to climb into bed. 5am will be here sooner than I would like.

Good Night All

Friday, October 8, 2010

Twas the night before Colorfest...

Sitting in the hotel room tonight, after a long afternoon of setting up for the show we are doing in Thurmont this weekend. Lou is already snoring...He did work hard today, putting all the merchandise in the truck at home this morning and then taking it all out after setting up the display. We are just about ready for the mad rush tomorrow. Just have to hang a few more signs, tweak some things and set up the check out area. We are located in the carnival grounds this year and were able to park the trailer directly behind our tents so it was a fairly easy set up.

Sitting here tonight, I have been playing "Remember When" the daughters went to all the shows with us. By the time they were 12 and 14, they could have set up and run the booth all by themselves. One year, in Dresden, Ohio, both girls laid sleeping bags under the tables and took a nap after the early morning set up. The tablecloths went to the ground and the guests who came into the booth didn't even know they were there. I have fond memories of those times together and hope they do too. I know all the traveling and togetherness didn't scar them too much...they grew up to be fabulous women!

And no can't take a nap under the table tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When I Grow Up...

I want to be a Baltimore Raven!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hoping For Crowds Like This

This weekend is Colorfest in Thurmont, MD. Lou and I have been working long days getting ready for this festival. We've participated for years in the front yard of a building owned by friends but this year will be part of the "official Colorfest".
Look for us at the Carnival Grounds.
The Country Workshop

This festival has always been a get together for us with other crafter friends that we don't always get to see. Several of the vendors participated in The Basket Accessories Roadshow. We'll be having dinner at the Cozy with Debbie and Jimmy of Alpine Embroidery.
I believe Shar and Bill of Shar's Fabric Goodies will be joining us also.
Dee from Icehousecrafts will be setting up again for this show,
and Dee the weather so far looks perfect.
We will miss Diane and Terry of Basket Accessories
who for years set up next to us in David and Dawn's front yard
but won't be doing the festival this year.

So we will be wishing for wonderful weather and large crowds and if you are in the area,
stop by and say hello!